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Are You Called?

So you feel called to ministry! You’ve talked to your parents, your pastor, and other adult friends, and they all agree that you have a calling on your life. Or maybe you are not yet certain, but you sense a strong inclination in that direction. That’s OK too. Sometimes the Lord doesn’t give us the whole plan up front, but only a step-at-a-time. And we have to discover it through obedience. And so it is OK to explore the idea, and see how God leads you.

What does it take to become a minister?

What is the purpose for obtaining minister's credentials? The answer may be found in the acronym A.C.T.S. 

A – Affirming Ministers and their Calling 
The Pentecostal Church of God desires to affirm our ministers! One of the ways that we can do that is by helping you identify and clarify your calling! What is your ministry calling—youth, music, church planting, pastoring, etc.? It is important to us to help you navigate through the exploration of your calling. 

C – Connecting Ministers with Similar Beliefs and Values
The Pentecostal Church of God desires to connect our ministers together through meaningful relationships. In our current church culture, there is a growing phenomenon known as the “casual credential holder.” The “casual credential holder” is one who desires a credential but doesn’t really desire to be a part of a church family or church organization. We believe that true realized potential can only come through mentoring and coaching. 

T – Training Ministers to do the Work of the Ministry
The Pentecostal Church of God desires to equip and train our ministers to do the work of the Ministry! Through our credential process, you will be afforded a balanced approach to ministry training through personal study, classroom study, and continuing study. 

S – Sending Ministers to a place of Fruitfulness. 
The Pentecostal Church of God desires to send and commission our ministers to a place of fruitfulness! One way that we can help with this is by providing a network of available ministry opportunities. In the Pentecostal Church of God, we desire to open up opportunites of service. 


To receive minister's credentials with the Pentecostal Church of God, the following three-step process must be completed. 


The Minister's Credentials are provided in three levels--Exhorter, License, and Ordination. Below are the requirements for the Minister's study Series in each level, which must be completed before application may be made for that specific level. 


Personal Study: An applicant must complete the following study courses.

  • Basic Bible Truth by Aaron Wilson (Theology) 

  • What the Bible Says about the Holy Spirit by Stanley Horton (Theology) 

  • Old Testament Survey - Pt. 1 by Samuel J. Schultz (Bible) 

  • Old Testament Survey - Pt. 2 by Gary V. Smith (Bible)

  • New Testament Survey by Walter M. Dunnett (Bible) 

  • Becoming a Contagious Christian by Bill Hybels (Mission) 

  • General Constitution & Bylaws 

Note: If one has completed equivalent studies this requirement may be waived.


Classroom Study: An applicant must check with the appropriate district to see if the following study courses are required. 


  • Character, Calling, & Commission 

  • The History & Doctrine of the Pentecostal Church of God

Personal Study: An applicant must complete the following study courses. 

  • * Basic Homiletical Studies by C. M. O'Guin (Bible Study Methods) 

  • * Celebration of Disciplines by Richard Foster (Spiritual Formation) 

  • * Spiritual Leadership by Henry Blackaby (Spiritual Leadership) 

  • * Ministerial Ethics: A guide for Spiritual Leaders by T. Burton Pierce (Ministerial Ethics) 

  • * The Truth about the Family by Vernell Ingle (Marriage & Family) 

  • * The Minister's Service Book by Myer Pearlman (Ministerial Basics) 

  • * General Constitution & Bylaws (if not completed previously) 

Note: If one has completed equivalent studies this requirement may be waived. 

Specialty Module: In addition to the personal study courses above, an applicant must select and complete one (1) of the following specialty modules. 

Pastor/Teacher Module 

  • Spirit Centered Counseling by John Kie Vining (Pastoral Counseling) 

  • 12 Keys to an Effective Church by Kennon Callahan (Church Administration) 

  • Acts by Tyndale Commentary Series (Acts of the Apostles) 

Missions/Evangelism Module 

  • Building a Contagious Church by Mark Mittelberg (Missions/Evangelism 1) 

  • The Coming Church Revolution by Carl George (Missions/Evangelism 2) 

  • Missional Church by Darrell Guder (Missions/Evangelism 3) 

Music Ministry Module 

  • Let Us Worship & Let Us Praise by Judson Cornwall (Music Ministry 1) 

  • Exploring Worship by Bob Sorge (Music Ministry 2) 

  • Worship Evangelism by Sally Morgenthaler (Music Ministry 3) 

Children's Ministry Module 

  • Leadership Essentials for Children's Ministry by Craig Jutila (Children's Ministry 1) 

  • Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions by George Barna (Children's Ministry 2) 

  • Children Matter by Scottie May & Linda Cannell (Children's Ministry 3) 

Youth Ministry Module 

  • Purpose Driven Youth Ministry by Doug Fields (Youth Ministry 1) 

  • Unchristian by David Kinnaman (Youth Ministry 2) 

  • Reaching a Generation for Christ by Dunn & Senter III (Youth Ministry 3) 

Senior Adult Ministry Module 

  • Senior Adult Ministry in the 21st Century by David Gallagher (Senior Adult Ministry 1) 

  • One Church, Four Generations by Gary McIntosh (Senior Adult Ministry 2) 

  • Catch the Age Wave by Win & Charles Arn (Senior Adult Ministry 3) 

Personal Study: An applicant must complete the following study courses. 

  • How to Prepare Bible Messages by James Braga (Bible Study Methods) 

  • PCG Positional Paper on Apostles/Prophets (Spiritual Formation) 

  • You have not Many Fathers by Mark Hanby (Spiritual Leadership) 

  • The 33 Laws of Stewardship by Sutherland & Nowery (Spiritual Stewardship) 

  • 7 Secrets of Successful Families by Jimmy Evans (Marriage & Family) 

  • General Constitution & Bylaws (if not completed previously) 

Note: If one has completed equivalent studies this requirement may be waived. 

Note: If not previously completed at the License Credential level, an applicant for ordination must select and complete one (1) of the specialty modules listed above. 

All materials may be ordered from: Messenger Publishing House, P.O. Box 850, Joplin, MO 64802, 1.800.444.4MPH (4674) 



Complete an Application with the appropriate supplemental forms and send it to the appropriate district or state office. The application differs depending on your circumstances. New applicants must complete the Application for Minister's Credentials. Previous applicants must complete the Application for Reinstatement. Current Applicants desiring promotion must complete the Application for Promotion. The following forms may be downloaded here and must be included with your application: 

  • Background Investigation Consent Form 

  • Bankruptcy Questionnaire (if applicable) 

  • Felony Questionnaire (if applicable) 

  • Marriage Questionnaire (for each divorce from the applicant and/or spouse) 

  • Adultery/Abandonment Substantiation Documents (at least two substantiation documents for each divorce from the applicant and/or spouse with one document coming from a non-family menber; any divorce that is prior to conversion does not need substantiation) 

  • Adultery Substantiation (for applicant) 

  • Adultery Substantiation (for spouse of applicant) 

  • Abandonment Substantiation (for applicant) 

  • Abandonment Substantiation (for spouse of applicant) 

  • Reference letter from the pastor who signed the application 

  • Recommendation letter from an organization that previously granted credentials (if applicable) 

These supplemental forms are not required if applying for promotion. All applications must be reviewed, signed, and delivered to the appropriate district or state office, and upon the completion of the application process, a date for an interview will be established with the district leadership. Upon their recommendation, your application will be forwarded to the overseeing leadership of the Pentecostal Church of God for final approval. Also, please download the ACH form enabling you to have your monthly credentials fee automatically withdrawn from your checking account. 


  • Credential Fee - $140.00 for the first three months of credentials

  • District Office-$25

  • National Office-$90 (3 months)

  • Background Check Fee - $25.00 

These processing fees are required to begin the credentialing process and must be sent in the form of a check or money order with the application and supplemental forms. All checks must be made out to the Michigan District Pentecostal Church of God. Other fees required throughout the process are subject to change. If for some reason the application is denied, $50 will be refunded to the applicant and $50 will be retained by the Pentecostal Church of God for a processing fee.


Our District Secretary would love to asist you. For question you can contact Richard Moore at 989.448.1477.








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